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01.Dexion L5-T916 Commercial Dishwasher Machine
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1 x Blue Seal Free Standing Gas Fryer - GT45
1 x Blue Seal G50D Heavy Duty Gas Range
1 x Refrigerator GRAM COMPACT K 410 LG C 6W
1 x Refrigerator - COMPACT K 410 RG C 6N
1 x Freezer - GRAM COMPACT F 410 RG C 6N Freezer
1 x Refrigerator - GRAM COMPACT K 210 RG 3N
1 x Freezer - GRAM COMPACT F 410 LG C 6 W Freezer
1 x Freezer - Chest Gram CF 61 S Chest Freezer
1 x Freezer - Chest Gram CF 35 S Chest Freezer
1 x Refrigerator - Gram COMPACT KG 410 RG C 6W
1 x Refrigerator - GRAM COMPACT K 210 LG 3W
1 x Refrigerator - COMPACT KG 410 LG C 6W
1 x Freezer - Chest Gram CF 53 S Chest Freezer
1 x Freezer - GRAM COMPACT F 210 LG 3W Freezer
1 x Freezer - Chest Gram CF 45 S Chest Freezer
1 x Refrigerator - Gram COMPACT KG 210 RG 3W
1 x Bravilor Mondo 2 Coffee Machine
1 x Coffee Machine - Mantaya CS100 Saphira
1 x Juice Dispenser - Interlevin VL234
1 x Juice Dispenser - Interlevin VL223 Promek
1 x Coffee Machine - La Pavoni Pub Range Espresso - Semi Automatic T
1 x Juice Dispenser - Santos K279 12 litre capacity - Single Bowl
1 x Juice Extractor - Sqweez SQ2
1 x Coffee Machine - La Pavoni Pub Range Espresso - Semi Automatic T
1 x Bravilor - TH20 2.2 litre Coffee Brewer
1 x Lincat EB4 13.5 litre Water Boiler
1 x Juice Dispenser - Santos K280 34-2 Capacity - Twin (12 litre)
1 x Juice Extractor - Sunkist Sunkist 6J2
1 x Lincat EB6T 18 litre Water Boiler
1 x Winterhalter Dish & Glasswasher GS402BTE-13 amp Bistro
2 x Winterhalter GS302/14T- Dishwashers
1 x Blue Seal Free Standing Elec Fryers - E43
1 x Winterhalter Dish Glasswasher - Winterhalter GS402BT- 13amp Bi
1 x Winterhalter GS502T-1 Pass Through Dishwasher
2 x Winterhalter GS501T-1-CF Pass Through Dishwasher
2 x Winterhalter WKT1200-HF Rack Dishwasher
1 x Blue Seal G56D Turbofan Range
1 x Blue Seal L5-J471 (E311) Convection Oven
2 x Winterhalter GS202T Glasswasher
1 x Blue Seal Free Standing Elec Fryers - E44
1 x Blue Seal Turbofan E32/Max - Convection Oven
1 x Stand for Fits Blue Seal electric convection oven model: E311
1 x Dexion L5-S049 Commerical Dishwasher
1 x Hobart Glasswasher 500S order ref.#HB.2
1 x Dexion L5-T916 Commercial Dishwasher Machine
1 x Hobart Glasswasher 400S Order ref. #HB.1
Dexion L5-T916 Commercial Dishwasher Machine

Ultra reliable Dexion undercounter gravity fed dishwashing machine offering fantastic value and quality. A versatile machine with a choice of 2 very fast wash cycles. Can also be used as a glasswasher with a capacity of 24 pints glasses.

Features Include:-

* Wash cycle 1 or 2 minute.
* C/w 1 plate and 1 glass rack.
* Easy Push button operation.
* Gravity fed.
* For use with liquid detergent only.

Model: T916
WeightL: 63kg
Output: 3.65kw
20 amp single phase hard wired to mains.
12 Months Parts only Warranty.
Dimensions: H830xW580xD600mm.

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