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1 x Dexion L5-T916 Commercial Dishwasher Machine
1 x 1600w Samsung CM1629 Commercial Microwave Programmable Touch Con
2 x ACE Gas Hog Roast / Pig Roast
1 x Bottle Cooler Lec BC6007
1 x Caravel CMS60 Multideck Chiller
1 x Caravel CMS120 Multideck Chiller
1 x Bottle Cooler Lec BC6097
1 x 1300w Samsung CM1329 Commercial Microwave - Programmable Touch C
1 x U604 Benbo Spiral Dough Mixer 35 litre
1 x 1850w Samsung CM1929 Heavy Duty Microwave Oven
1 x ACE Gas Hog Roast Cover
1 x Cold Display - (D) MAFIROL Euromini 2.0
Refrigerated Serve o
1 x Bravilor - TH20 2.2 litre Coffee Brewer
1 x Coffee Machine - La Pavoni Pub Range Espresso - Semi Automatic T
1 x Bravilor Mondo 2 Coffee Machine
1 x J602 Buffalo Planetary Mixer 20 litre
1 x Cold Display - (D) MAFIROL Euromini 2.0
Serve over
1 x Cold Display - (B) Refrigerated Seal D6R/125B
1 x Cold Display - (B) Refrigerated Seal D6R/125B
1 x J610 Buffalo Planetary Mixer 30 litre
1 x Juice Dispenser - Santos K279 12 litre capacity - Single Bowl
1 x Coffee Machine - La Pavoni Pub Range Espresso - Semi Automatic T
1 x Juice Dispenser - Santos K280 34-2 Capacity - Twin (12 litre)
1 x Cold Display - (A) Refrigerated Display Counter
1 x Cater-Bake 40 Litre Spiral Dough Mixer Model 38S
1 x Henkelman Jumbo Plus Vacuum System
Henkelman Jumbo 42 Vacuum System   £1,585.00

An excellent Vacuum Pack Machine for medium/Large commercial use. Perfect for Retail Trade - Restaurants - Catering - Supermarkets (Meat, Poultry, Fish, Cheese, Vegetables Etc.)

Food Product Features Include:-

* Longer shelf life and storage hygiene (no contamination).
* No Loss of product (prevents drying out, mould and freeze burn.
* Improved product quality (no loss of aroma).
* Cost saving due to longer shelf life.
* Efficient cooking concepts like sous-vide and cook & Chill.
* Inreaced turnover due to longer shelf life.
* Professional product presentation.
* Optimal packaging contributes to food and HACCP standards.

Non Food Products Features Include:-:-

* Moisture free anti corrosive packaging
* Air and dust-free antistatic packaging
* Volume reducing packaging.
* Product protecting and fraud resistant packaging.

Dimensions: L490mmxD525mmxH430mm
Capacity: 016 m3/h
Gross Weight:
Power 0.55 KW
Seal Bar: 420 mm
Layout Chamber: 370 Chamber depth/180mm high
Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labour

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