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01.ACE Gas Hog Roast / Pig Roast
02.ACE Gas Hog Roast Cover
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2 x Blue Seal Free Standing Gas Fryer - GT45
1 x Blue Seal Turbofan E32/Max - Convection Oven
2 x Winterhalter Dish Glasswasher - Winterhalter GS402BT- 13amp Bi
1 x Bottle Cooler Lec BC6007
1 x Spiral dough mixer 21ltr. Order Ref.#RBD.3
2 x Blue Seal Free Standing Elec Fryers - E44
1 x Falcon G2101 OTC /Dominator Fan-assisted Oven 6 burner gas Range
1 x Falcon G2101 Six Burner Open Top gas Range with castors
2 x Blue Seal G50D Heavy Duty Gas Range
1 x Twin tank electric fryer with tap. Model BF88
1 x Freezer chest - Interlevin LHF460
1 x Blue Seal Free Standing Gas Fryer - GT46
1 x U420 Bolero Aluminium Folding Bolero Cafe' Bistro Chair.
2 x Blue Seal G56D Turbofan Range
1 x Hobart Dishwasher 800S Order ref .#HB.3
2 x Winterhalter WKT1200-HF Rack Dishwasher
1 x Metcalfe SP 30-HI Mixers. Product Order ref#AX.2
2 x Winterhalter GS501T-1-CF Pass Through Dishwasher
1 x Single tank electric fryer with tap. Model BF8
1 x Winterhalter Dish & Glasswasher GS402BTE-13 amp Bistro
1 x Bottle Cooler Lec BC9007
1 x U423 Bolero Stainless Steel Cafe' Bistro (Flip top) Table
1 x Hobart Glasswasher 500S order ref.#HB.2
1 x Dexion L5-S049 Commerical Dishwasher
1 x Freezer Chest - Interlevin LHF540
1 x Aluminum Cover
1 x J610 Buffalo Planetary Mixer 30 litre
1 x Metcalfe DK12 Dough Kneader/Mixer Mixers. Order Ref. # AX.1
1 x Juice Dispenser - Interlevin VL223 Promek
1 x Twin tank electric fryer. Model BF66
2 x Blue Seal Free Standing Elec Fryers - E43
1 x 1600w Samsung CM1629 Commercial Microwave Programmable Touch Con
1 x Hobart Glasswasher 400S Order ref. #HB.1
2 x Winterhalter GS202T Glasswasher
2 x Winterhalter GS302/14T- Dishwashers
1 x Single tank electric fryer. Model BF6
2 x Dexion L5-T916 Commercial Dishwasher Machine
1 x Blizzard Salamander grill. model BSG1
1 x Freezer Chest - Interlevin LHF620
1 x Juice Dispenser - Interlevin VL234
1 x J602 Buffalo Planetary Mixer 20 litre
1 x 1850w Samsung CM1929 Heavy Duty Microwave Oven
1 x Blizzard single Induction hob model BIH1
1 x Blue Seal L5-J471 (E311) Convection Oven
1 x 1300w Samsung CM1329 Commercial Microwave - Programmable Touch C
1 x Stand for Fits Blue Seal electric convection oven model: E311
1 x 6 Burner oven with Grill and Griddle order ref.#PW.RG24
1 x U422 Bolero Aluminium and Natural Wicker Chair
1 x Cater-Bake 40 Litre Spiral Dough Mixer Model 38S
2 x Winterhalter GS502T-1 Pass Through Dishwasher
1 x Falcon Dominator Gas Fryers G2860-N. Natural gas. Twin basket
1 x U604 Benbo Spiral Dough Mixer 35 litre
1 x Falcon Pro-Lite Free Standing Electric Fryer - Double Tank
1 x Bottle Cooler Lec BC6097
1 x Falcon Pro-Lite LD46 Free Standing Electric Fryer - Single Tank
1 x U424 Bolero Flip Top Ash wood Table (Flip top).
1 x U603 Benbo Spiral Dough Mixer 21 litre
1 x U421 Bolero Ash Wood Chair.
1 x The Pig Roaster / Hog Roast ( with Viewing Window)
1 x The Popular Hog Roaster / Pig Roaster
2 x ACE Gas Hog Roast Cover
1 x Bravilor Mondo 2 Coffee Machine
1 x Cold Display - (B) Refrigerated Seal D6R/125B
1 x Scanfrost Comet2 150CV Refrigerated Serve-Over Unit
1 x Milan Salon 5.5" inch. Hairdressing Scissor.Art #:GS2016
1 x Juice Dispenser - Santos K280 34-2 Capacity - Twin (12 litre)
1 x Cold Display - (B) Refrigerated Seal D6R/125B
1 x Cold Display - (C) Refrigerated 3 Tier Deck
1 x Milan Salon 5.5" inch. Hairdressing scissor.Art #:GS2012
1 x ACE Gas Hog Roast / Pig Roast
1 x Bravilor - TH20 2.2 litre Coffee Brewer
ACE Gas Hog Roast / Pig Roast

ACE Barbecues exclusively introduces the Hog'roast. Designed for continuous operation at Bavarian beer festivals, this well proven showpiece product will turn heads - and turn a very good profit!

Exceeding 500% added value to unprocessed meat products, the Hog'roast is also a spectacular attraction throughout the roasting process. Contrast this with low level 'coffin type' rotisseries, which hum away in a corner with zero interim benefit to any other business activity.

Combine German engineering with theatrical effect, and the result has to be extraordinary. Nothing else comes even close to this presentation value.

Try boned and rolled joints on the triple spits provided, for easy carving.Try roast lamb studded with cloves and garlic slivers. Impress everyone with rows of golden roasted quail, duck, chicken or guinea fowl drawn off the spits at table!

Carve out a speciality business niche, and profit from a quality investment!

Number of burners: 3
Number of spit drives: 3
Spit in length (cm): 136.8
Stainless steel lamb/pig spit c/w tines & clamps: 1
Stainless steel chicken spits c/w tines: 3

Connection Data:
Propane 37mbar: 1.4kg/h
Natural Gas 20 mbar: 2.0 m3/h
Electricity 230/380 Volts: three phase

Both gas models also require access to a 13amp 600watt socket for motor and quartz lamp.

Energy Consumption in kW
Propane 37 mbar: 13.5
Natural gas 20 mbar: 13.5
Electricity 230/380 Volt: 15.00

Cooking time (approx) and possible quantity of food:
Pig/Wild hog (maximum 50 Kg): 6 hours
Chickens (18 x 1Kg): 60 minutes
Suckling Pig (approx 20 Kg): 180 minutes
Hams: 120 minutes
Lamb (approx 20Kg): 140 minutes

Dimensions:Standing Statistics:
Outside Measurements: Width 168cm, Depth 85cm, Height 191cm
Weight: 150Kg
Roasting Volume: Width 129cm, Depth 46cm, Height 46cm

12 Months Parts Warranty.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE:- 12 weeks. Each Unit is made to order.

 Delivery time 2-5 Days! SSL Certificate 07773 885556